The Challenge


The world is a big place, and much of it is covered in water. And yet the simple fact is, in terms of clean, safe water – there’s very little to go around. Less than 3% of the planet’s surface water is actually potable.

Groups that don’t have easy access to it are at a clear disadvantage.

Caring organisations throughout the world community, NGO’s and pan-governmental agencies, have come a long way in addressing this need, and in water terms, that has meant access to water itself.

There are many groups digging wells, and here at LifeGivingForce we know that wells are important, essential. But we also know a little big secret: wells are only half the story.


If fresh safe water is flowing from your tap, it may be hard to imagine a line of 1,000 women and children filling plastic containers with contaminated water from a local well. But its happening, right now, somewhere in the world. Many, many places in fact. They may have walked 10 miles for it, and do so everyday. That they are often carrying typhoid, or cholera, or diarrhea-causing bacteria right back to their home only adds insult to injury.

It may also be hard to imagine what would happen if all the infrastructure that carries the water to your tap was destroyed overnight, such as it was in the Haiti earthquake or Pakistan’s floods, or in any number of disasters that unfold every year. In such an emergency situation, where even rudimentary sanitation systems collapse, the only water available may be contaminated water. People must drink, and in order to survive they are risking life-threatening illness. They have no choice.

Half of the world’s hospital beds hold patients suffering from water-related diseases

4500 people are dying from them worldwide every day, more than all forms of violence, including war, combined

90% of these deaths are children under the age of 5.

These children are not dying from lack of access to water itself. They are dying from lack access to safe water.


At LifeGivingForce we are committed to do everything in our power to provide eco-friendly, cost effective and efficient water purification systems to the people who need them most, and to stick around long enough to make sure that the water keeps flowing for years to come.

We have real solutions, and lots of experience implementing them on the ground. Help us save a Life by Giving today.