The Solution

The most cost effective, efficient, eco-friendly option in Safe Water

“Delivered swiftly to remote locations around the globe, producing safe water on solar power with minimum maintenance requirements and with a shelf life of 10-15 years.”

With our partners around the world, we have been developing and implementing the most efficient, cost effective and appropriate energy-independent water purification technologies.

We are in the field right now, putting these water purification systems in place. As you are reading this, there are long lines of people collecting water from our water points, finally having their vessels filled with safe, clean drinking water. There are hospitals cleaning their implements properly, sometimes for the first time since a disaster and schools supplying safe water to their students equating to much healthier and happier children.

What we’ve accomplished is quite simple yet game changing. An array of solar-powered water purification systems in varying sizes, from a UV hand pump water purification system to a rolling suitcase housing a system that can filter over 10,000 liters per day to a community scale UF water purification system that can service approximately 6,000 people per day with clean drinking water.

If you’re wondering what these unique water purifiers can do, how they operate, and what sets them apart, please take a look at the specs below.
LGF Low tech UV system
Life Giving Force F-Series

The LGF LT-3,000 UV systems are compact, robust, easy to use miniature water treatment plants engineered for rapid and easy deployment. These ‘plug and pump’ UV systems remove remove 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and parasites producing microbiogically safe drinking water from fresh water sources.

Our Rapid Response systems range from 1,750 liters per day (lpd) up to 55,000 liters per day for disaster relief and humanitarian assistance programs.

The LGF F-Series are a perfect solution for community scale scenarios. Utilizing hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology to purify drinking water and using standard feed water pressure, the ultrafiltration membrane removes 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and parasites from incoming feed water.

Beyond Technology: The Human Element

We build relationships on the ground where it’s needed most, and partnerships with organizations who know the terrain, and who will be there long after the media has turned its eye to the next crisis.

From experience however we know that aid technologies often go to rust when the swarm of global attention has passed over an area. Even hurricane proof, marine grade systems like the LGF units. So we found another solution:

We further develop micro-economic opportunities incorporating these clean water systems which encourage local ownership and maintenance, not just a distant overseeing bureaucracy, to ensure that these units will not only provide immediate relief, but will contribute to healthy and sustainable rebuilding of the community. To bring not only hope to these stricken areas, but actual opportunity.