H20 Pakistan

A woman in Kalabagh, Pakistan drinks dirty flood water. Image courtesy of UNDP.

Latest News:

LifeGivingForce is in the field: to help save lives in this critical time. We need your support now. We will be keeping you up to date with pictures and stories on our blog, and you can track our progress via GPS on the map below.


The water crisis in Pakistan


Fatalities and rising…

10 Million

Homeless and temporarily displaced.

21 Million

Affected by the floods.

In Pakistan today access to water is not a problem, it’s everywhere; but its brown and dirty, and contaminated. After surging over the Indus river’s banks and tearing down the walls around the lives of over 30 million people, it now covers the landscape in still, stagnant ponds. Disease is rampant. Almost ten million of these people are now completely dependent upon humanitarian aid. The hospitals are in overload with hundreds of thousands of people being treated for acute gastroenteritis, and its getting worse.


Child death toll is rising

Pakistan has always had a problem with providing clean water to its people, long before the flood, but with open sewer lines and newly contaminated wells the situation just got a whole lot worse.

The children of Pakistan, like children everywhere, are particularly vulnerable to diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery. Many children in Pakistan also were malnourished before the floods, weakening their immune systems.

Acute diarrhoea, respiratory and skin diseases, and malaria have been reported in alarming numbers.

Where we are now:

We are on the ground in Pakistan with mobile water purification units, partnering with local organizations and government authorities to create access to water, safe clean water.

As we travel through the country providing safe water at critical locations, our team will keep you informed of our activities. With a GPS tracker, blog, video, and pictures you can see exactly what your support is doing for the communities in need.

Spread the word, share our link, donate money or time. Provide the people of Pakistan with Life by Giving today.

Spread the word:

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