H20 Haiti Appeal

Haiti Earthquake Response & Reconstruction

H20 Haiti began life as campaign in response to the recent earthquake disaster. We have since served over 100,000 people with safe, clean water. Our focus is now on assisting communities and schools with long term clean water solutions to aid recovery, and assist economic development.

Over 2 million people are still living in temporary settlements and the majority don’t have access to adequate clean water or sanitation facilities. With your help we can make a difference.

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All donations will directly fund water projects in Haiti.

Who we are:

At LifeGivingForce we are committed to provide the most appropriate sustainable water solutions to the people who need it most, and to stick around long enough to make sure it keeps flowing for years to come.

We have real solutions, and lots of experience implementing them on the ground, but need your help to make this happen. Help us save a Life by Giving today.

Current Deployments:
Muspan, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti – Installed LGF’s custom made water purification technology in a Happy Hearts school.
Cavaillon, Haiti – Installed LGF’s custom made water purification technology in a Digicel school.
Cap Haitien, Haiti – Water infrastructure for Meds for Kids food facility
Gonaives, Haiti – Water infrastructure for fire station and school.
Desdunes, Haiti – Water infrastructure for fire station and school.
Roche a Bateau – Community Water Kiosk
Port au Prince, Haiti – Installation in Agape Orphanage
Tabarre, Port au Prince Haiti – Community water kiosk
Marche en Fer, Port au Prince, Haiti – Providing clean water for the market and its vendors
Jacmel, Haiti – Providing safe, clean drinking water for the prison in Jacmel
Pétionville, Haiti – Providing safe, cleaning drinking water for a J/P HRO school in Delmas
Petite Riviere, Haiti – Providing safe, clean water for the Partners in Health Hospital
Leogane, Haiti – water purification system installed at Haiti Partners school in Leogane
Côtes-De-Fer, Haiti – Donated an LGF Rapid Response system to ACDI/VOCA directly after the earthquake of Jan 2010.
Borgne, Haiti – Installed water purification system in community kiosk.