LGF Rapid Response 37,500 UF




The LGF RAPID RESPONSE 37500UF is designed to support large scale disaster relief efforts and humanitarian assistance efforts.
With a small 1.2 m x 1.8 m x 1.5 m footprint and a weight of 1,179 kgs, this system can be deployed by air, surface, and trailer
deliverable to site. It has the capacity of producing 9,842 Liters (2500 gallons) in a solar day (5 to 6 hours) with a maximum up to 37,854 Liters (10,000 gallons) of micro-biologically safe drinking water per 24 hour time frame.

The system design incorporates the best of ultra water filtration treatment and solar power technologies. When there is no power
available or a loss of electrical grid power is experienced, the LGF RR-37,500 incorporates solar technology to charge the battery bank with a normal solar day time frame (5 to 6 hours) based on location, which in turn powers the water treatment systems with up to 24 hours autonomy at full water production. Once placed, the system is simple to set up usually within 15 minutes for 2 people and has minimal O & M costs. The unique design allows for additional power input sources such as generator, wind turbine, and/or local power grid.


  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated steel frame and panels
  • All corrosion resistant construction
  • Enclosed water treatment system department
  • Enclosed battery and power control department
  • Submersible DC water pump (23m/75 Ft. draw)
  • Pump controller
  • Pressure drop auto kill switch prevents running dry
  • Panel mounted flow meters
  • Panel mount pre & post pressure gauges
  • Chlorine injection system
  • Manual back washable bed depth filter to protect membrane
  • 51 cm (20 in) spun depth sediment filter
  • 10.2 cm (4 in) x 40 hollow fiber membrane
  • Programmable (timed) UF back flush controller
  • High flow 1 micron carbon block post filtration to reduce odor and taste
  • Retractable/Adjustable 4 solar racking panels
  • 4 pre-wired solar panels total (maximum wattage 760)
  • Solar accessory packs for added production
  • Wind Turbine
  • Generator
  • AC Power (120 VAC)


  • Trailer package – Removable tires & wheels
  • Deep Well Pump – 22.8m+ draw (requires greater power)
  • Booster Pump
  • Water storage tank with float
  • Atmospheric storage tank with float valve
  • Pressurized storage tank with pressure switch shutoff
  • Heavy metal reduction filtration
LGF Rapid Response 37500UF
LGF Rapid Response 37500UF

System Filtration Specifications

View the operating specifications by clicking here.

Maximum water draw

22.8 meters / 75 feet

Production Rate:

Up to 37,500 lpd

Case Dimensions:

1.2 m L x 1.8 m W x 1.5 m H


1,179 kgs / 2100 lbs

Max Pressure:

100 psi

Max Temperature:

40 deg C

Max chlorine (continuous):

2 ppm

pH Range:


Max. Total Dissolved Solids:

5000 ppm

Operating Power Specifications

View the operating specifications by clicking here.

Solar Panels:

Qty 4 = total watts – 760


Qty 8 – 12 volt

Space Required during operation:

243 cm W x 365 cm L x 182 cm H

Shipping Dimensions:

121 cm W x 182 cm L x 182 cm H

Redundancy with impact. The LGF Rapid Response 37500UF operates anywhere