LGF Rapid Response 2725HUF




The LGF RR-2,725HUF utilizes a manual hand pump and is engineered to provide microbiologically safe drinking water from any type of fresh water source (Stream, Lake, Pond, Well and/or Cistern). The LGF RR-2,725HUF is designed to provide a clean
portable water solution to remote locations, disaster relief needs, or humanitarian assistance missions in a small compact package.

The system can produce up to 2,725 liters per day (720 gallons) or 1.89 lpm or (0.5 gpm per minute) with as little as 20 psi of water pressure. The unique design weighs only 28 kgs (63 lbs) wet, and an easily transported design to be hand carried by one person. Great for environments where the water quality is unknown or in question. Third party independent lab testing has verified the system for
bacteria reduction based on EPA Clean Drinking Water standards.

The Rapid Response Portable LGF RR-2,725HUF is the first of it’s kind, a complete portable 8 stage water treatment to provide safe, clean drinking water. All water components are housed within a protected, durable, high density polyethylene case. Note: picture
shown with optional upgraded aluminum case.


  • Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane removes 99.999% of bacteria, cysts and viruses
  • Output: 2,725 LPD, 1.89 LPM (based on feed water at 72°F)
  • Prefilter: Backflushable Sediment Filter
  • Postfilter: 24.5cm granular activated carbon
  • External standard hose-fitting feed connection
  • 1st pressure gauge monitors incoming feed water pressure
  • 2nd pressure gauge is after the final filter to monitor pressure drop across the system
  • Stainless steel membrane housing (upgrade)
  • 3.048 meters (10 feet) of suction hose (supplied)
  • Easy to operate hand power water pump that has a 7.62m (25 foot) water draw capability with a delivery of 1gpmat 25 psi into system for maximum water production
  • Manual product, feed, drain, tank flush valves
  • SS Steel dispensing spout</li
  • Unit is design to be easily disinfected at the end of each day. Includes disinfection kit</li


  • 12 volt DC electric pump & motor mounting bracket / 12 volt DC solar panel blanket
  • Additional hollow fiber membrane to increase production to 5,488 lpd (pump req’d)
  • Universal faucet adapter
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Case
lgf rapid response 2750HUF
lgf rapid response 2750HUF open

System Specifications

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Model Number:


Product Rate

2,750 LPD, 2 LPM (based on feed water at 22° C)


65.2cm x 64.7cm x 61.6cm

Weight lbs/kg


The LGF RR-2,750HUF system produces 2,750 lpd (2 lpm) of purified drinking water.