RR Series

lgf rapid response 10000CUF
LGF Rapid Response 2750UF

Jamieson Slough at Cambry Orphanage

Jamieson Slough (COO, LifeGivingForce) installs an LGF Rapid Response 10000UF system at Cambry orphanage in Les Cayes, Haiti. Field installations were up and running in just 20 minutes, immediately purifying the dirty water that was previously hand pumped from underground wells and then carried long distance. The system now provides safe drinking water to the entire Cambry community, and that equates to happier and healthier kids, and increased attendance at school.

Our Point of Use / Point of Generation Water Filtration systems are specifically designed to work with alternative energy sources like solar and wind. The core ultrafiltration (UF) technology can easily be integrated into the micro-grid and green architectural design.

Each system produces safe, clean drinking water by removing 99.999% of all known bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

Our systems range from 1,750 liters per day (lpd) up to 55,000 liters per day units for disaster relief and humanitarian assistance programs. Each unit is tailored to meet a wide range of specific needs and to address the myriad of issues surrounding different source-water chemistries. Our systems are simple to operate and easily maintained in the field. They are engineered for sustained operations with readily available consumables. A truly green solution.

All the LifeGivingForce systems share the same fundamental characteristics. They are modular, scalable, mobile, and are quick to set up. They require minimal maintenance and use redundant filtering technology designed to meet or exceed US and international standards.

“Thank you LifeGivingForce for saving lives in Côtes-de-Fer with this amazing system.”

Emmet Murphy
Chief of Party, ACDI/VOCA