The continuing crisis in Haiti:


still living in IDP camps


affected by cholera since the outbreak in 2011


still without adequate water or sanitation

4 years after its devastating earthquake, Haiti’s water infrastructure is still broken. Every municipality on the island remains challenged to provide safe water to its people. Sanitation has improved but only marginally and water-borne disease is still rampant. With thousands of people staying in overpopulated and often makeshift temporary settlements, access to safe water or sanitation facilities remains a pressing need. We are still on the ground in Haiti addressing this need. With your help, LGF and its local partners are delivering water purification units directly to where they can have the greatest impact and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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We met Haiti Partners‘ co-Director John Engle in Port-au-Prince not long after the quake, and learnt about the amazing work that they have been doing in the region for some years now.

Their mission statement is simple- ‘Helping Haitians change Haiti’, and they have been succeeding through many initiatives, including the support of some seven schools in various locations around the country.

We made the decision to support their efforts by providing a water purification system for one of their schools, the IMN Community School, which was located at the very epicenter of the earthquake.

The direct cost of this project is only $8000, which will provide the entire school with safe water for over a decade. Haiti Partners have raised US $5,000 already, please help us raise the remaining US $3,000.

What we have achieved so far:


Project: Muspan, Port au Prince

In November 2013, in conjunction with our partners, Happy Hearts, our in country team installed one of LGF’s custom built manual hand pump UV systems at one of Happy Hearts’ schools in Muspan, Port au Prince. The LGF UV 3000 system is now providing all of the approximately 600 students and members of the surrounding community with safe, clean drinking water every day. Check out photos on our blog post LGF installs another LGF UV 3000 system at Muspan school

Project: Cavaillon

In February 2014, in conjunction with our partners, Digicel Foundation, LGF Haiti installed another of our LGF UV 3000 systems in one of Digicel Foundation’s schools in Cavaillon called College Nouvelle Vision. The Principal, all of the students as well as the parents of the students are overjoyed that they now have access to clean drinking water. Up until now, they were drinking unfiltered water from a local well which was causing the kids to get sick regularly and miss school as a result. Attendance levels at school have increased since we installed the LGF water purification system at College Nouvelle Vision.

Project: Warf Jeremie, Cite Soleil

During the height of the cholera epidemic in Cite Soleil in November 2011, LGF Haiti, in conjunction with our wonderful partners Simbi, installed a water purification system at Sr Marcella’s clinic in Warf Jeremie which produced upwards of 20,000 liters per day of safe clean water and which was put to very good use in the clinic providing clean drinking water for the sick patients and other members of the community and for keeping all of the instruments at the clinic clean and sterile. After installing the LGF UF 20k system at the clinic, the numbers of those falling ill to cholera in that area dropped from around 80 per day to only 4. A few weeks ago, the LGF Haiti team moved the system from the clinic to the community cafeteria which will now not only continue to provide clean water for the clinic but will also service the entire community via the cafeteria. We are pleased to be able to support the amazing work of Sr Marcella and to continue to assist the community of Warf Jeremie, one of the poorest communities in the whole of Haiti.

Project: Borgne

LifeGivingForce in partnership with H.O.P.E. Haiti (Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa) we installed an LGF Rapid Response 10000UF system at a secured public fountain in the Northern town of Borgne. H.O.P.E. Haiti is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization based in Rochester, New York, who’s sole focus for the last 14 years has been to assist the people of Borgne in achieving equitable, just and sustainable living conditions.

Like most of Haiti, Borgne faces extreme poverty and its consequences. Much of this primarily rural population lacks the basic health care, clean water, sanitation, infrastructure and education considered commonplace in the Western Hemisphere. A history of political and economic misfortunes has sapped its ability to lift itself from its conditions without support.

Providing Community Support at the Source

To support H.O.P.E Haiti’s efforts in fulfilling their mission in Borgne, LifeGivingForce Foundation donated one of our portable suitcase size units, the RR 10000UF, to the community. Local people come from near and far to this fountain, one of the only sources of safe water for miles, and as a result it has become a community hub. Local craftspeople and local food vendors congregate around the fountain, children play, and people talk about their lives with each other. A member of the local community has been awarded the job of overseeing the system’s daily operation, and the community as a whole with oversight from the local hospital (ASB Clinic) is responsible for its maintenance.

Dr. Voltaire, Director of the ASB Clinic in Borgne said:

“This system generously donated by our partners LifeGivingForce, serves the population of Fond La Grange and the town of Borgne. People coming from elsewhere also stop by to get clean water, especially those from the remote areas. Since a significant percentage of illnesses in the area are associated with unclean water such as parasitic infections, cholera, typhoid- the system will definitely help decrease the incidence of these problems. We are grateful to those who made this possible.”

Project: Côtes-de-Fer

LifeGivingForce, in partnership with ACDI/VOCA (Agricultural Cooperative Development International/Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance), a private, nonprofit organization that promotes broad-based economic growth and the development of civil society in emerging democracies and developing countries, deployed an LGF RAPID RESPONSE 10,000UF system in the Haitian municipality of Côtes-de-Fer.

Côtes-de-Fer is an extremely remote community, and for quite a long time there has been little to no access to clean, safe drinking water. LGF, Seeking partners on the ground after the earthquake, contacted ACDI/VOCA which is active in the Côtes-de-Fer region. Jay Slough, COO of LGF, then travelled to the village of Jacmel and trained ACDI/VOCA’s local staff in how to operate the LGF RAPID RESPONSE 10,000UF unit for deployment in the region.

The filter was initially installed in one of the one of the many villages in Côtes-de-Fer, and the effects were felt immediately as people in the community heard about the system and actually ran to get their very first drink of clean water in months. The 10,000UF unit is now being used as a mobile water purification system in numerous clinics in the Côtes-de-Fer region, helping bring clean water to thousands of people. Special thanks to Emmet Murphy, Chief of Party, ACDI/VOCA.

Project: Marigot

In partnership with Providence Haiti Outreach, LifeGivingForce installed an LGF RAPID RESPONSE 10,000UF water purification system to directly support a school of over 350 children.

Located on the south coast, Marigot still felt the devastating effects of the Jan 12th earthquake, as the local water supply in was severely contaminated and the population was forced to rely upon bottled water. Until very recently, approximately 20% of the children at the school suffered from dysentery and were not attending due to drinking from contaminated water sources.

The LGF RAPID RESPONSE 10,000UF system was installed at the school in the end of April 2011 and is now providing clean, safe water for all the children. This has resulted in healthy children, who are now being able to attend classes on a regular basis.

Special thanks to Providence Haiti Outreach for their continued love and support of the St. Dominque school in Marigot.


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Saving Lives

At LifeGivingForce we are committed to do everything in our power to provide state-of-the-art sustainable water solutions to the people who need it most, and to stick around long enough to make sure the flow of safe water lasts and lasts.

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