Rapid Response

When we say Rapid Response and agile deployment what do we mean, and how do we attain it? Within weeks of the earthquake hitting Haiti on Jan 12, 2010, Jamieson Slough, COO of LifeGivingForce delivered four LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF units directly to the organizations we’d determined would put them to the best use. Though it’s true Jay is a former Marine and more skilled than most of us at delivering under difficult circumstances (such as a 4.7 degree aftershock while he slept on the tarmac at PAP airport one night), his job was made a bit easier; these state-of-the-art solar-powered water purification systems, providing fresh water for 5,000 people a day, are built in suitcases on rollers.

In its case, a LGF Rapid Response 10,000CUF unit weighs just under 35 kgs, and is easily transportable by most commercial airlines. When you take into account that one of these portable, energy-independent, suitcase-sized units can produce enough clean drinking water for entire communities, and without having to draw from the electrical grid or a diesel generator, its not surprising that these units are being heralded as a “must-have” disaster relief companion.

Nothing short of an engineering marvel the compact LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF is efficient, cost effective, light weight, easy to maintain and ruggedized for long-term delivery in the toughest of conditions. It is incredibly easy to set up and can be producing premium potable water from unsafe water within minutes.

The LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF system comes with a rugged waterproof case and has an operational lifespan of 10 years in even harsh conditions. To eliminate rusting, the frame is aluminum with high density plastic parts. The electronics of the unit are “marine” grade—designed for salty, humid environments and are sealed from the elements.

LGF Rapid Response 35000UF

The higher capacity LGF Rapid Response 55000UF & units take the same engineering genius and standards for efficiency, and scales them up. The approximately 1430 kg (3000 pound) units, designed to fit a standard pallet, measure 1.83m L x 1.83m W x 1.5m H (6x6x5 feet or 200 cubic feet) and fit easily into standard international shipping containers; 4 fit into a standard size container. While the unit can be transported by truck or boat, it has been designed with lift points built on to the sturdy frame to airlift the unit by helicopter for remote or ultra-rapid response mission requirements. Once on the ground and linked with a source of non-potable water, a volunteer engineer can have the unit in operational mode in less than four hours.

These units, like the LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF also provide sustained clean water over the long-term even under severe conditions. The LGF RR 55,000UF are powder coated to reduce rust and, like the LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF, all components are marine grade and sealed against the elements.

All of the products in LGF’s Rapid Response series operate entirely from the power of the sun, producing potable drinking water which is free from bacteria, virus, cyst and pathogens, while removing arsenic, lead, mercury and other heavy metals from its source water.

LGF and its manufacturing partners are unique in having succeeded in developing, manufacturing, and producing in volume, the most efficient and cost-effective technology in this increasingly important domain.

Coupled with providing logistical rapid response delivery of this technology we are now well prepared to meet the diverse challenges of clean water crises, whether mitigating a local disaster or securing planet-wide sustainability.

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