Exercise 24 – Collaboration for Rapid Response

On September 24th, LifeGivingForce will participate in Exercise24 (X24), a two-day international collaborative multidisciplinary exploration of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief tools and technologies that support communication, logistics coordination, and response to a significant seismic event that generates an off shore oil spill, tsunami, displaced communities requiring shelter, damage to critical infrastructure inland, and environmental impact.

The scenario initiates with an earthquake off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, USA generating a tsunamigenic event in Baja, and a catastrophic subsurface and surface oil spill. A series of inland aftershocks result in reports of deaths and injuries, damage to the All American Canal, roadways, power lines, and other key resources and critical infrastructures in Southern California, USA and Northern Baja California, Mexico. A series of after shocks, fires, loss of power, displaced population, disease concerns, and other challenges continue throughout the exercise to facilitate participant objectives.

The simulated disaster will enable LifeGivingForce to assess the situation through advanced technology and respond appropriately providing clean tech water purification systems and thereby increase community resiliency. The LGF Rapid Response 10000UF systems that were deployed in Haiti and Pakistan along with the LGF RR 75000UF will provide immediate assistance to provide stabilization to hardest hit areas for up to one year.

Acting as both an immediate tool for disaster response and transitional tool to support the re-building efforts of the affected areas, LGF systems will play a critical role in the rebuilding of infrastructure. The innate advantages of the LGF Rapid Response system include a true clean tech solution that is quickly deployed in a time of crises. The proof is in the results – see Haiti or Pakistan.

During Exercise 24, the LGF Team will collaborate with the SDSU Viz Center, InSTEDD, American Red Cross, Viega, Stanley Virax, Secure Strategy Group , and many other participants.

Continued efforts targeting collaboration and increased effectiveness will allow LifeGivingForce to save lives and deliver water solutions in the worst disasters, all within a coordinated response with the leading agencies in the world.

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