75,000 liters a day…

how much water is this?…It’s enough to keep 37,500 people alive. Should the unthinkable happen, just as it did in Haiti on January 12th, 2010, this kind of emergency water access can make the difference between an immediate disaster and an unfolding tragedy.

Just one of the LGF Rapid Response 75000UF systems can rapidly deploy and provide this, and has: LifeGivingForce has provided the clean water lifeline for over 100,000 people in Haiti since the earthquake. Our goal is to reach every single Haitian person in need of clean water within 5 years.

According to a recent report compiled by the Haiti Epidemic Advisory System (HEAS)*, there are approximately 2.1 Million people in Haiti currently living in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. Astoundingly, 60% of them are still without adequate water or sanitation facilities. This equates to over 1.25 Million people still without adequate access to clean drinking water.

Installation of LGF Rapid Response 10000UF. Les Cayes, Haiti, April 2010

Since the Haiti earthquake, LifeGivingForce has additionally deployed seven LGF Rapid Response 10000UF units. These highly portable systems use an exclusive ultrafiltration membrane technology that is by far the most efficient on the market. This translates simply: for output capacity, that’s more bang for your buck. Each one of these suitcase-sized units can produce enough clean water for over 5,000 people daily. That’s a lot of clean water to come out of a suitcase. Our systems are high performance and cost effective, they are simple-to-install, easy-to-maintain and eco-friendly.

Our deployments of the LGF Rapid Response units to date have been focused on areas of most critical need including remote clinics, hospitals, schools, orphanages, and villages that have zero access to clean water. Currently in Haiti, we have units installed in Pétionville, Bourgne, Marigot, Les Cayes, Mirebalais and Cõtes de Fer. We will be deploying another nine units with our UN-MINUSTAH CVR project this summer and fall and four solar powered systems with our WORLD VISION project.

With increased investment, LGF is positioned to provide safe drinking water to the entire population of Port-au-Prince within 36 months. Utilizing our solar and manual pumping and purification solutions, LGF has designed an ideal interim solution to address critical water needs until permanent public water infrastructure is built throughout the country.

LGF proposes a two-part solution for water provisioning in Haiti:

  • A solution for high population density urban communities (HPD) consisting of water distribution points in each commune of a major urban area such as Port-au-Prince. The cost of implementing this solution is US$1.50 per person per annum over a ten year period, ultimately providing at least 2 liters per person per day for up to 3 million people.
  • A solution for low population density rural communities (LPD) consisting of water distribution points in village centers or in close proximity to mayoral offices.  The cost of implementing this solution is US$2.00 per person per annum over a ten year period, providing at least 2 liters per person per day.

* HEAS Sitrep report April 26th, 2010

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