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Tropical Storm Isaac sparks fears of more cholera deaths in Haiti

JACMEL, Haiti — The panic began to set in after Tropical Storm Isaac’s rains had subsided and the sun finally began to shine on this storm-damaged beachfront hamlet. Frantz Pierre-Louis, looking at the trail of fallen trees and flooded farms confronting him, had something much more pressing on his mind. “We have to prevent a […]

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Potable Water makes La Difference

On Sunday the 12th of June, 2011, LGF Haiti joined partners IOM and Green Venues to celebrate the official launch of Haiti’s first joint clean water and recycling initiative in Cite Soleil’s breathtaking community, La Difference. Self-motivated to create a clean and engaged neighborhood in one of Haiti’s most challenging slums, La Difference celebrated by […]

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LGF is part of making history at the Digicel Marché en Fer site

Much has been planned for the rebuilding of Haiti after the January 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated the nation. Yet few projects have been so ambitious and so visible as the rebuilding of the Marché en Fer in downtown Port-au-Prince and LifeGivingForce was fortunate enough to play an important role. Designed in Paris in the […]

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LGF water technology-changing lives in Haiti

What’s the difference between clean water and unclean water? Well, add to that question the fact that someone will be drinking it and you get an unexpected answer: it’s quality of life. In order to begin to understand what this really means, lets consider two measures used to determine a population’s health liabilities, Years of […]

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UN on situation in Haiti

Excerpts from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks to the General Assembly informal meeting on Haiti, in New York today, 3 December: Collective Efforts in Haiti Will Be Overwhelmed without Massive, Immediate Response, Secretary-General Warns in Remarks to General Assembly The challenges arising from the 12 Jan earthquake have been compounded by the needs arising from […]

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Rapid Response Required : Cholera Outbreak

An outbreak of cholera has exploded in the Artibonite region of Haiti. We have received reports that as of this morning, Friday Oct 22nd, there have been more than 2000 cases of acute watery diarrhea and already 160 deaths and mounting, at the facilities in St. Marc, Petite Riviere d’Artibonite, Mirebalais and Lascahobas; the death-rate […]

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Rapid Response

When we say Rapid Response and agile deployment what do we mean, and how do we attain it? Within weeks of the earthquake hitting Haiti on Jan 12, 2010, Jamieson Slough, COO of LifeGivingForce delivered four LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF units directly to the organizations we’d determined would put them to the best use. Though it’s true […]

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0.3 Square Meters

0.3 square meters is the amount of space that each of the 1,300 inmates in the National Penitentiary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti have to themselves. They can’t sleep lying down. They drink disgusting untreated water from a well underneath the prison. They may be truly some of the most dispossessed and vulnerable in Haiti.

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75,000 liters a day…

how much water is this?…It’s enough to keep 37,500 people alive. Should the unthinkable happen, just as it did in Haiti on January 12th, 2010, this kind of emergency water access can make the difference between an immediate disaster and an unfolding tragedy. Just one of the LGF Rapid Response 75000UF systems can rapidly deploy and […]

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Exercise 24 – Collaboration for Rapid Response

On September 24th, LifeGivingForce will participate in Exercise24 (X24), a two-day international collaborative multidisciplinary exploration of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief tools and technologies that support communication, logistics coordination, and response to a significant seismic event that generates an off shore oil spill, tsunami, displaced communities requiring shelter, damage to critical infrastructure inland, and environmental […]

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