LGF partners with World Vision

LifeGivingForce has recently been selected as one of World Vision’s water solution providers in Haiti.  In partnership with World Vision and local Haitian partners, LGF will install four solar powered clean tech water purification systems, as well as train local managers and develop committees to take ownership of the systems, ensuring Haitian job creation and involvement. LifeGivingForce’s technology overcomes a key challenge in Haiti—providing water purification systems that do not require a reliable source of power and are easy to maintain. The solar driven water purification systems use the LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF, an eco-friendly system that includes only one moving part and can purify over 10,000 liters per day, or 3.65 million liters per year, with only a 5.5-hour solar isolation period.

Each system eliminates the need for diesel generators and reduces solid waste by over 7.3 million plastic water bottles annually. By providing clean water, the project expects to substantially reduce waterborne illnesses, including those potentially fatal diseases for children, thus increasing attendance in schools.

LifeGivingForce’s main focus is to provide an off-grid solution that will set the bar for clean tech water purification solutions for medium scale production. Since the earthquake on January 12, we have deployed water systems to multiple regions in Haiti, bringing clean water to over 100,000 people. We are providing large NGOs the capability to deliver clean water to those most in need and are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with World Vision.

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