UN adopts LGF solutions in Haiti

LifeGivingForce, LLC is partnering with the Community Violence Reduction (CVR) division of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), to begin implementation of a multi-sited project to deliver clean drinking water to nine communities in need in the South-Eastern Department of Haiti.

The project will deploy nine water purification systems in Marigot, Cayes-Jacmel, La Vallee de Jacmel,Bainet, Cótes de Fer, Belle Anse, Grand Gosier, Thiotte and Anse-a-Pitre.  The water systems will be deployed alongside multipurpose community centers sponsored by CVR and will bring access to safe drinking water to underserved communities, including persons displaced by the January  12th earthquake.

The water systems will provide urgently needed clean drinking water to over 5,000 people per day in each of the nine communities. As part of the project, LifeGivingForce will train local community members on its use and ongoing maintenance. Crucially, the National Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation(DINEPA), the Haitian government water authority, will coordinate with local leaders to manage the systems long term. By providing clean water, the project expects to substantially reduce waterborne illnesses, including those potentially fatal diseases for children.

The program will utilize the LGF Rapid Response 10,000UF, an eco-friendly, off-grid device that is designed for low-maintenance and long-term operation in areas without reliable access or power source.  The LGF Rapid Response systems can purify over 10,000 litres per day or 3.65 million litres per year using solar-powered, gravity-fed, or manual pumping systems.  These units are ideally suited for the remote, unsupported locations of these projects.

The total project duration is approximately six months, beginning July 1, 2010. Over this time, LifeGivingForce estimates that these systems will bring clean water to a total of 50,000 people in need.

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